Sliding Wardrobe Gallery

View our Sliding Wardrobe Gallery for inspiration on your new wardrobes.

Sliding Wardrobes Inspiration

All our Sliding Wardrobes are made bespoke, to the exact width, height and depth measurement of your space, meaning no two wardrobes are the same. You can choose a single sliding door with a plain design, choose two or more panel colours or use beautiful artwork on your doors, ideal for children’s bedrooms. However you decide to style your Sliding Wardrobes, it can be achieved at Fusion Robes

Mirror Sliding Wardrobes

Mirror Sliding Wardrobes are still proving as popular as ever, not only do they look even more beautiful, they can make your room appear bigger and save on floor space for free-standing mirrors.

Angled Sliding Wardrobe

It’s time to take advantage of unique spaces in your home with efficiently designed angled doors. There are no standard size restrictions; so we can build angled sliding door wardrobes for practically any space in your home.

Sliding Doors

Adding Sliding Doors to your home can help to hide awkward spaces or create a room with-in a room. At Fusion Robes, we can supply both the wardrobe interior frame with doors or sliding doors by themselves.