Walk-in Wardrobe Gallery

View our Walk-in Wardrobe inspiration gallery below.

Dress Room Inspiration

A Dressing Room is a wonderful addition to your home, keeping all your personal possessions, clothing, shoes and accessories in one organised area. Our Dressing Rooms are designed to be completely bespoke, perfect for any size or shape of the room. See more in our gallery below.

Walk-in Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

Walk-in Wardrobes with Sliding Doors are perfect to separate an existing room and create a WOW factor to your new Walk-in Wardrobe. Double-Sided Doors can include floor-length mirrors also. See more in the gallery below. See more in our gallery below.

Modular Walk-in Wardrobe

Modular Walk-in Wardrobes or wall systems are the perfect alternatives to adding hinged or sliding doors to your wardrobe. A modern solution that allows you to store things easily, find & go! See more in our gallery below.

Angled Walk-in Wardrobes

Fusion Robes specialise in bespoke angled wardrobe designs for ‘angled’ or ‘slopping’ ceilings. As each wardrobe is made bespoke, we can create a Walk-in Wardrobe that utilises all your space without having to compromise on height. See more in our gallery below.

Light Walk-in Wardrobes

With so many colour options available it’s nice to have an idea on the finish of your Walk-in Wardrobe. Light Walk-in Wardrobes provide an airy and Scandinavian feel to your Walk-in Wardrobe. See more in our gallery below.

Dark Walk-in Wardrobes

If it’s a luxury designer look you are after, a Dark Walk-in Wardrobe may be the ideal match! Darker colour tones in blues, greens, greys, woods and smoked glass options are all available to create your desired overall look. See more in our gallery below.

Glass Walk-in Wardrobe

Glassdoor Walk-in Wardrobes can bring your Walk-in Wardrobe to the next level of luxury. Hinged or sliding glass doors can be used in clear or smoked colour glass. See more in our gallery below.

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